"Costa Real Tropea" - Agreed Restaurant

Costa Real Resort offers to its own customers restaurant weekly vouchers with super convenient price, our agreed restaurant is "Ristorante Pizzeria Disco bar Adelphi",  just 140 metres  from the resort.   

Our restaurant  "Adephi"  opts for an easy and traditional food menu with easy traditional dishes for our "Calabrese tradition". Fabio, the owner and his staff will welcome you in a warm and familiar environment. 

Weekly Prices

The weekly fees exclusive for our customers of Costa real  is 110 € per week per person, which allows you to obtain 7 meals.

Menù for lunch or Dinner:

  • Pasta (fish or meat);
  • Main  (fish or meat);
  • Sides; water ;
  • What is not included in the above mentioned food has to be considered as an extra.


  • Children who are 8years old are obliged to buy the weekly vouchers; 
  • Children not yet 8 years old will get a  (25% off), 84 € per week per child;
  • Children from  0 to 2 years are FREE (no meals are included)


Our resort enjoy to arrange for its guests a special "Calabrese Party" 6-Recently Updated

Taste the specialities of Calabria: Cipolla Rossa di Tropea, Nduja di Spilinga, Soppressata Calabrese, L'amaro Del Capo, Tartufo di Pizzo, Pesce fresco e carne genuina.